Taking The Bull By The Testicles

A few things have been getting me down of late and I know just how to fix everything in one fell swoop. I’m going to put more effort in, to everything. I’ll fix my relationship problems and be a better boyfriend, It’s what she deserves. I’ll fix my university problems and be a better student, It’s what my parents deserve. I’ll write more, think more, do more in every venture that I’m looking to get into at the moment, It’s what I deserve. I’ve been a lazy, procrastinating cunt and I deserve all the unhappiness I’ve had. If you want something, take it. I’ve always said this to anyone who’s asked me for help and It’s about time I start to drink my own medicine, you know? I want a lot of things and by fucking god, I’m taking them all. This starts when I wake up tomorrow at exactly 9am if my alarm is to be believed and If It’s the last thing I do, I am going to get what I want and revel in my own happiness and the perfection of my own existence.



Why do we bother? Two people argue and no matter what happens, neither of them actually win. Either the relationship ends or it doesn’t end. Just decide this one simple fact straight away and then cut the bullshit. Don’t bother saying all those things you don’t mean but can’t ever take back. Don’t bother lying to them and in the process, yourself. Just be honest. When you can sense an argument starting the first thing you should say is, “Do you actually want this to work?” If the answer’s no then goodbye! See you later! Thanks for playing! If the answer’s yes then sit down, talk about it and move on. Arguments solve nothing.