They’re funny things.

I’m currently doing revision for an exam in the morning on prejudice and discrimination and I’m going through research on desegregation when something astounding hit me.

Why is the original word segregation and the opposite desegregation? Why was the word that came first, the one to describe people being separated and alienated instead of the one to describe us living in peace?

It’s an awful realisation that our default setting is one of hostility with the urge to advance ourselves at the expense of others. Maybe we should try to stop that, don’t you think?


I’ve Hit A Creative Drought…

So I thought I’d write about hitting a creative drought… I never actually sit there and think about what to write really, I just think about something and I’ll realise that it would be a good idea to share that with the world. I’ve been stupidly busy this past fortnight and haven’t had any of these great thoughts or realisations so I feel as though I’ve almost neglected this. It’s not my fault really, I’m just too busy but at the same time I have a huge ego and I can’t help but imagine that someone, somewhere is actually missing this pile of shit. 

I’ve Lost A Week

The first half of fresher’s week has come to an end in university and it’s safe to say my kidneys have taken a battering. I think they’re nearly ready to give up if i’m honest but there’s no way in hell I’m going to let them. I’ve met some new people who’re actually really interesting or fun and who normally, I would never have spoken to. It’s made me realize that I really am part of everyone I know and they are all part of me. I think that everyone’s personality is just the amalgamation of any person that influences their life, either for a small part or large part. For that reason and that reason alone, I hope to fuck i don’t meet Pete Docherty here.