The Time Is Now

It always has been and always will be. There is never going to be a better time than now. Plans are for the weak and procrastination is the sign of a dead man. Don’t spend time doing anything other than what you want to do and don’t spend time being anything other than what you want to be, this is all time you could have spend better.

I’m all about making the most of my time now, putting the most effort in and reaping the most reward possible. I’m not an idiot who says “This year is my year” every New Year’s Day but i am a firm believer in the power of the human mind and the strength of will that can turn people into heroes, legends and even gods.

No great man ever spent time in bed waiting for life to happen to him, they go out and they make it fucking happen. I will do everything it is physically possible to do and I will be everything it is physically possible to be, not for someone else but for myself and in spite of what anyone else does. The people that doubt you, cast you aside or forget about you will be the first ones to recognize you when you reach the top of the mountain, never forget that.


Don’t get sad, get angry.

It sounds stupidly simple and easy to do but we all know it’s not.

Don’t just get angry and self-destructive though, that’s a common mistake. Get angry and use it, use it to build yourself into a better person than you ever were before. Better doesn’t necessarily mean good, you don’t have to be a good person to be a great person. If you ever need motivation to put yourself in a better situation just tell yourself that you don’t deserve it. You don’t deserve any of the endless mountain of shit that is everyday life for most people on the planet, but you’re going to get it anyway so get angry and move that fucking mountain.

Children let their emotions control them, adults learn to hide them and maybe even block them out entirely but only great people can harness them. Use every single ounce of rage in you to do everything you never thought was possible.

This message was brought to you by a lack of experience and an unrelenting hope for the future.

The Netflix Generation

We are the first generation to have this sense of unlimited access to television, music and film. We can download any song, program or film at the click of a button and have it within minutes. Since the advent of streaming services like Netflix it’s only gotten faster and easier, for those who aren’t as technologically literate.

This is something that is to the absolute detriment of us all, instead of resulting in an unending plethora of quality entertainment, the opposite is almost true. We spend hours and hours watching and listening to things that we don’t even like or are really poorly made. We listen to bands we don’t like just because we can, we watch bad films just because we can and we will sit there and spend an entire day watching a whole season of a program that we don’t even find interesting just because we can.

With fast food on the rise, we truly are becoming a sedentary species.

Mankind Giving Back to Mankind

You know the old WWF wrestler Mankind? His real name’s Mick Foley and he used to run around with a fucking sock puppet and a weird gimp mask? Well I found out he has a daughter starting wrestling too and holy hell, she’s not just hot she’s actually insanely gorgeous. Like, that next level of beautiful where the person isn’t even a real person, they’re the personification of the idealistic person that everyone wishes they were. The only way a father and daughter could look less alike is if Gerard Butler has a daughter who ends up looking like Chewbacca with tits.

4am Is The New 6pm

So I take a look around on Facebook and I see that the vast majority of my friends are actually still online, still awake and still talking to people. That’s just the one’s who are on Facebook too, what about all the people who’re still awake playing games where you murder prostitutes, masturbating to “sisters” banging the same dude or whatever the fuck it is that kids love to do these days.

I find it weird though that so many people are unable to sleep, they can’t find any rest. I think the main reason is unhappiness, especially at my age anyway, people are coming to the stark realisation that life is not what they thought it was going to be five years ago. I thought I was going to be filthy rich and covered in bitches and I’m pretty sure most people my age pictured a similar future but sadly it wasn’t to be. We can’t all be Dan Bilzerian.

Truth is people are all awake right now because they live in the faint hope that something incredible might fall into their lap if they could possibly stay awake just a few seconds longer.