Bon Jovi

Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame.

Darling, you give american police officers a bad name.


An Update That Can’t Wait

So saying yes is still going strong and still working out well.

It struck me just now that I’ve gotten into a habit of agreeing now, so much so that I’m starting not to notice the amount of things I’m doing that I wouldn’t have done before.

I’ve eaten ostrich and crocodile, and loved them both. I’ve reconnected with some old friends and done fun stuff with those I’m already connected with. I went to see one of the favourite bands of my teenage years play live in Bristol, Everytime I Die just in case you were wondering. I’ve agreed to go paintballing when I’m done with uni. I’ve arranged to go on holiday to Amsterdam with my housemates. I’ve started to plan going to London to see The Tallest Man On Earth (the singer, not an actual giant man). I’ve gotten over a minor fear of heights that I used to have. I’ve learnt that I’m exceptionally good at Tetris, like inhuman level of talent.

I didn’t write an update before this because I didn’t think I’d really done anything worth noting, maybe that’s part of the beauty of doing this. Sooner or later, doing more just becomes normal. Needless to say, I’m a big fan.

I Said Something To Someone

You know, as you do. It struck me that it was actually pretty accurate though so I thought I’d put it here.

When someone says something shitty to you, you basically have a choice of three responses. Some people choose anger, they explode and go crazy and a fight ensues. Some people choose frustration, they leave the conversation as soon as they can and retreating to a safe place to cry or maybe just to be alone.

The third option is the one that i often choose and is probably what I would say is for the best. I choose happiness, don’t let something said out of frustration in a moment of weakness effect you for any amount of time. Any time spent angry or frustrated is just time wasted, you won’t gain anything out of it and you’ll certainly lose a lot. I see people lose so much time feeling down or being angry that could really be spent doing something so much more worthwhile. If you spend even five minutes a day like this then over a year that’s more than thirty hours, over twenty years it starts to look a lot more like six hundred hours, that’s nearly a month.

five minutes might not sound like a lot but when you imagine losing three or four months of your life over the course of it, that’s when shit gets serious. That’s enough time to learn a new language, learn to play an instrument or even write a book. So basically, don’t let little shit get you down and if you’re sure that it’s not little shit then stop and think, will i still feel this way about it in twenty years? If the answers no then trust me, you’re wrong.


I think it’s vital every now and then to just disconnect from the internet and from the things around you which aren’t tangible. Every once in a while just stop it all,stop spending all day texting someone, checking facebook, updating twitter, snapchatting photos or any of the rest of the mountain of bullshit crutches we’re leaning on to cure boredom.

Let the screens fade to black, let your phone die and just let go.

It really is nice to spend some time on your own, listen to music, eat and smoke. Take as long as you need because I can assure you if someone really, really needs you then they’ll find you. It’s so much easier to forget all of the pathetic little things that disrupt your natural rhythm if you just cut everything out. Only the most important things will ever reach you and it’s nice knowing that there’s no other shit to deal with .

I’ve Been Down Before

I’ve been really unhappy at several points in my life but if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that no matter how apathetic, lethargic or downright depressed you are at any moment in time all you ever have to do is put on Take On Me by A-Ha.

I can guarantee you no matter what your state of mind is, it’s impossible not to start singing the second the chorus kicks in and after just over three and a half minutes of heaven you’ll feel so much better than you ever thought you could.

The Netflix Generation

We are the first generation to have this sense of unlimited access to television, music and film. We can download any song, program or film at the click of a button and have it within minutes. Since the advent of streaming services like Netflix it’s only gotten faster and easier, for those who aren’t as technologically literate.

This is something that is to the absolute detriment of us all, instead of resulting in an unending plethora of quality entertainment, the opposite is almost true. We spend hours and hours watching and listening to things that we don’t even like or are really poorly made. We listen to bands we don’t like just because we can, we watch bad films just because we can and we will sit there and spend an entire day watching a whole season of a program that we don’t even find interesting just because we can.

With fast food on the rise, we truly are becoming a sedentary species.

Is This Real Life Or Is This Just Grand Theft Auto?

Every radio station on any Grand Theft Auto game is more fun to listen to than any radio station in real life. This makes no sense when you consider that it’s logically going to be more repetitive than real life and yet, I can not for the life of me find a single person who can honestly argue against this fact.

I wonder if this is where machines start to take over from humanity.