One Twelfth

It’s been a whole month now since I’ve started doing this and there have been some interesting developments. For starters I’ve been smoking so much weed that I definitely need to stop and focus on something else, but it is difficult when everyone keeps asking you to do it and you have to say yes obviously. My new resolution is to lock myself away if I need to do work, avoiding any potential questions to begin with. I’ve found the same thing with dating etc, if a girl asks to see me I’ve got no choice but to say yes, which I don’t necessarily want to do so I’ve decided to start avoiding it if I don’t want to meet up with them, it’s basically the only thing I can do.

Despite being constantly roped into stuff and way behind on uni work, all in all this seems to be working out well for me. We recently played poker for money in my house and I ended up coming third, which wasn’t bad for someone who barely knows the rules. I also ended up going on a few dates which have been fun and the girl’s might want more but it’s safe to say I’m happy with the freedom I’ve got being single. God knows how I’d be able to say yes to everything if i constantly had a girlfriend saying no to everything. Fuck that for a laugh.