Tonight’s Theme

It seems to be risk. If you risk nothing, you gain nothing. I’m presented with what a lot of people would say is a risk, I think it’s a surefire thing but then again, I’ve always been an optimist. Sure, if it all goes wrong I’m going to be left probably poor, definitely homeless and most likely end up having to drop out of university. But, if it all goes right I will have the life I want and I will be happy. Not just in the short-term, I mean I will literally be set for life, my happiness will be guaranteed. That pro is like a fucking cinder block compared to those cons. I would rather try, be unsuccessful but safe in the knowledge that I did everything I could to have the life I wanted than never try and never know what could have happened. I’m going to take the leap and I know that I’m going to land safely because if you want something bad enough, it will always be yours, no matter what. Now just to see if she’s willing to take the risk with me.