Modern Warfare

It’s a common tactic by governments to give the population a big celebration or a sudden benefit in order to distract them from the far more regular problems that were going on at the same time.

The Beijing Olympics in 2012 distracting the majority of the population from the fact that they’re a country ruled by an evil government. That’s a perfect example really.

This made me think, isn’t that what people do in life as well? Your girlfriend probably hates so many things about you but she’s willing to look over them because of the good things you do far less often. And damn right, you think the same about her. Strange.


What Is This World Coming To!?

A kid I used to go to school with who I’d describe as “not unintelligent, but definitely mentally deficient” has just published a book, met Margaret Thatcher and several members of British Royalty, got a job in junior government and all before his twentieth birthday. It really is making me think that true genius is destined to go unnoticed or only be recognised posthumously. This thought saddens me.