TV Lied To Me

Single life isn’t all casual sex and non-stop partying.

It’s more of a mix of awkward sexual encounters, mild depression, binge-watching TV alone in bed and a lingering narcotic addiction that surfaces every day or two.


I Wonder

Do the people who make children’s TV programs or nature documentaries ever actually consider the large percentage of their viewership that are high as shit at 3am?

Home Run!

So It’s been three weeks and still no repercussions or issues arising, nothing but happy faces so far.

I’ve started to notice just how many favours you do for people when you say yes to everything, I’ve been on fuck knows how many trips to Tesco and I shudder to think how many times I’ve battled against the stoned voice inside my head to get up and get something from across the room for someone else. Anyone who’s ever smoked weed on a regular basis will definitely know what I’m talking about. I guess it’s just me saying yes more is getting noticed and people are getting more comfortable with asking me to do things, thinking I’ll agree to it.

That’s even happening in terms of fun things to do as well. Everyone I live with helped move the sofa from the living room to on top of the roof so that we can now smoke in comfort and in the sun seeing as it’s moving into the spring over here in grey Britain. I’ve gone to the cinema today and watched Big Hero 6, something I wouldn’t normally have agreed to see but¬†as it happens, it’s genuinely really good, thoroughly enjoyed it! All in all, nothing but success so far so let the good times roll!

Double Whammy

So this post’s going in both of the categories I’ve made because it does kind’ve apply to both.

I was baked last night and I was thinking about the night out for my birthday and some of the events of the last month or so and it really does seem like I’m attracted to drama. Not in the sense that I make a big deal of things, because I don’t, I’m really laid back. But I tend to make decisions or do things that I know full well could easily blow up in my face and cause a lot of hassle for me, without any real thought of the consequences. It seems like I need confrontation but only when i can shift the blame on the other person. I don’t cause any drama but I definitely seem to enjoy being caught up in it, it’s the only explanation I can think of for why I’m consistently attracted to paranoid and unstable girls with trust issues.

It then started to dawn on me that maybe this whole “Say yes more” is just another way of doing exactly that. Maybe I only want to do it because it means that I’ve got an excuse to do whatever I want and not have any of the repercussions being my fault.

Introspection’s a bitch aye.

Week Three, Step Up To The Plate

Things are really starting to pick up speed now in ways that could be either awesome or awful. I went to see a deep house DJ, Chris Lorenzo, on friday and took MDMA on the night. It was an absolutely awesome night and I could not have had more fun, especially seeing as I woke up with no hangover or comedown again.

I then booked tickets to go to Bristol next monday to see one of my favourite bands, Every Time I Die and Architects because I was invited by friends from back home. I also woke up Saturday and started getting high immediately, passed out, threw up horrible black stuff and then had to get ready for our houseparty Saturday night.

Here’s where things might not be going too well. I kissed a girl who has a boyfriend and not just once or twice, like a lot. Then when she realised that we couldn’t really do that she left my room and I somehow ended up with another girl on my course who I tried to sleep with but sadly was on her period so that was a no go. She’s definitely down for it the next time I see her though so that’s a nice bonus.

So I can safely summarise this morning with a sprained ankle, a bleeding lip and fresh from throwing up that saying yes to everything definitely opens up a lot more doors but it seems like it might start getting me in trouble as well. I guess we’ll have to see how this whole thing develops.

First Week Down

Well, I’ve started a Come Dine With Me-esque competition with my housemates where a different one of us makes a different smoothie for every day of the week and we rate each other in order to see who’s was the best. So far it’s going well and it’s actually really fun so that’s at least one good thing this week and if that was it, to be honest I’d even be happy with that.

Sadly, my friend bailed on recording at his for the weekend but it left me open for when a girl I’d been talking to asked to go on a date, I went and had fun but to be honest, not really feeling it but she is a lovely girl so why the fuck not? If she asks me to meet up again, I’ll have to say yes anyway so I guess that could go either way.

I also got the result from the assignment I was forced into putting off until the last night and I actually got a first! My first one of the third year as well so somehow, being made to procrastinate actually made me focus more in the little time I did have and work better. That’s a big fucking win for the yaysayers.

And finally, the little things. I’ve gone to mcdonalds at 3am. I’ve gone training every day and have been absolutely killing it. I’ve smoked a shitload of weed and¬†managed to go out on wednesday with just one of my flatmates, still get hammered and somehow wake up without a hangover again. If that happens a third time then I’m saying that it’s down to saying yes too.

So Last Night…

I wouldn’t normally have gone out, with the amount of work I’ve got to do but my friend asked me to come out and I had to say yes. He then wanted to go take a shit in my friend’s new house because he can’t do it in public toilets and I had to say yes, so I got to see a friend’s new house in the town centre and was then invited there in the future to smoke, so that was a decent start.

I then somehow ended up talking to a gorgeous woman who had a kid and ended up talking to her for a while, just because she was abandoned by her friend and asked me to stay with her, I had to say yes. I gave three different homeless people at least a pound each because they asked and I had to say yes. I then bumped into an old friend and was dancing with her, she said “I hate this song, we should just leave this place”, so I said yes and we did.

Fast forward to this morning and I wake up in her bed with no money, so she pays for my taxi home. I’m not hungover, I’m still drunk if anything and I’m home now sat in front of this laptop ready to do my work.

Say yes more, so far it’s only brought me good things.