Being In Town On Christmas Eve

Makes me weep, seeing people panic-shopping in the works makes me feel sorry for their relatives. Don’t get me wrong, for all I know this man next to me’s family might love an Elton John’s greatest hits CD, a 5 year old pirates of the Caribbean game for the wii and a bin shaped like a fire extinguisher.



This gorgeous chicken-eatery is going to have the pleasure of my presence tonight. I’ve got work to do when I get back to Swansea on sunday so I’m not going out for Carnage as it really would use up what little time I have to do these essays and what little time I have to spend with my girlfriend. I’ve been getting into spoken word poetry a lot recently as well. I’ve written some of my own and I actually can’t wait till I come home for christmas so I can record it and start things going! I’ll also get to spend almost every day with the girl of my dreams again. As lame as it sounds, I really do miss her when we’re not together.