Historical Reference

I’ll give you a quick introduction to what could be the greatest period of my life or the most heroic failure. I’m a twenty-two year old male who’s spent five years of his life documenting events, conversation, thoughts and anything that tickles my fancy in order to publish a book. The book is finished, it’ll show you the changes I’ve gone through and the experiences that have pushed me through those changes. This blog is where i bring my plan into it’s final arc, depending on the results i get from baring my soul here will really make or break the book idea. So, curious reader I invite you, feel free to read on.

6 thoughts on “Historical Reference

  1. Your blog is so inspirational, you keep your posts to the point and actually express your true feelings. So many people make blogs all fluffy and almost make believe but you tell us the bad parts of your life as well as the good and it is always interesting to read what you have to say. Keep it up you have a good humor and you should try writing more often, it gives us bored individuals hope that although some facts of life suck everyone is in the same boat.


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