An Update That Can’t Wait

So saying yes is still going strong and still working out well.

It struck me just now that I’ve gotten into a habit of agreeing now, so much so that I’m starting not to notice the amount of things I’m doing that I wouldn’t have done before.

I’ve eaten ostrich and crocodile, and loved them both. I’ve reconnected with some old friends and done fun stuff with those I’m already connected with. I went to see one of the favourite bands of my teenage years play live in Bristol, Everytime I Die just in case you were wondering. I’ve agreed to go paintballing when I’m done with uni. I’ve arranged to go on holiday to Amsterdam with my housemates. I’ve started to plan going to London to see The Tallest Man On Earth (the singer, not an actual giant man). I’ve gotten over a minor fear of heights that I used to have. I’ve learnt that I’m exceptionally good at Tetris, like inhuman level of talent.

I didn’t write an update before this because I didn’t think I’d really done anything worth noting, maybe that’s part of the beauty of doing this. Sooner or later, doing more just becomes normal. Needless to say, I’m a big fan.


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