Home Run!

So It’s been three weeks and still no repercussions or issues arising, nothing but happy faces so far.

I’ve started to notice just how many favours you do for people when you say yes to everything, I’ve been on fuck knows how many trips to Tesco and I shudder to think how many times I’ve battled against the stoned voice inside my head to get up and get something from across the room for someone else. Anyone who’s ever smoked weed on a regular basis will definitely know what I’m talking about. I guess it’s just me saying yes more is getting noticed and people are getting more comfortable with asking me to do things, thinking I’ll agree to it.

That’s even happening in terms of fun things to do as well. Everyone I live with helped move the sofa from the living room to on top of the roof so that we can now smoke in comfort and in the sun seeing as it’s moving into the spring over here in grey Britain. I’ve gone to the cinema today and watched Big Hero 6, something I wouldn’t normally have agreed to see but as it happens, it’s genuinely really good, thoroughly enjoyed it! All in all, nothing but success so far so let the good times roll!


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