Week Three, Step Up To The Plate

Things are really starting to pick up speed now in ways that could be either awesome or awful. I went to see a deep house DJ, Chris Lorenzo, on friday and took MDMA on the night. It was an absolutely awesome night and I could not have had more fun, especially seeing as I woke up with no hangover or comedown again.

I then booked tickets to go to Bristol next monday to see one of my favourite bands, Every Time I Die and Architects because I was invited by friends from back home. I also woke up Saturday and started getting high immediately, passed out, threw up horrible black stuff and then had to get ready for our houseparty Saturday night.

Here’s where things might not be going too well. I kissed a girl who has a boyfriend and not just once or twice, like a lot. Then when she realised that we couldn’t really do that she left my room and I somehow ended up with another girl on my course who I tried to sleep with but sadly was on her period so that was a no go. She’s definitely down for it the next time I see her though so that’s a nice bonus.

So I can safely summarise this morning with a sprained ankle, a bleeding lip and fresh from throwing up that saying yes to everything definitely opens up a lot more doors but it seems like it might start getting me in trouble as well. I guess we’ll have to see how this whole thing develops.


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