So Last Night…

I wouldn’t normally have gone out, with the amount of work I’ve got to do but my friend asked me to come out and I had to say yes. He then wanted to go take a shit in my friend’s new house because he can’t do it in public toilets and I had to say yes, so I got to see a friend’s new house in the town centre and was then invited there in the future to smoke, so that was a decent start.

I then somehow ended up talking to a gorgeous woman who had a kid and ended up talking to her for a while, just because she was abandoned by her friend and asked me to stay with her, I had to say yes. I gave three different homeless people at least a pound each because they asked and I had to say yes. I then bumped into an old friend and was dancing with her, she said “I hate this song, we should just leave this place”, so I said yes and we did.

Fast forward to this morning and I wake up in her bed with no money, so she pays for my taxi home. I’m not hungover, I’m still drunk if anything and I’m home now sat in front of this laptop ready to do my work.

Say yes more, so far it’s only brought me good things.


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