The Unavoidable Conclusion

This might not really translate well to anyone outside of the UK, but I’m assuming you’ve all experienced the ecstasy that is Capri-Sun. If you haven’t then just Google that phrase and you’ll see the drink I’m referring to, every man, woman and child that has ever fallen in love with Capri-Sun has also experienced this one major design flaw.

Every once in a while when you put the straw through the small, thin pouch it’s meant to go through you’ll hit the sweet spot and rather than finding the straw going straight down into the juicy nectar, you’ll find it sticking out of the back of the Capri-Sun packet. This might not sound like a big deal but when you consider that the packet itself is designed to avoid spillage, this design flaw actually makes it almost impossible to do anything put squirt the liquid out of the back of the packet.

The worst thing is that it’s such a rare occurrence that you can go years without it happening and you forget that it’s even a possibility until one day you’re sitting down ready to enjoy a nice, refreshing beverage and BLAM! You get fucked in the ass by Capri-Sun.

I still remember the first time that this happened to me, it was when I came to realise that there is no God.


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