Year After Year

I see the same people making the same resolutions subsequently breaking them every year, myself included. This is not your typical rant on the subject because most people criticize the lack of conviction and dedication to a cause shown by the resolution makers and breakers but I can’t help but think, if almost every one I know makes a choice to quit smoking, go to the gym or not eat junk food but for some reason falters after the first six to eight weeks then doesn’t that say something about us as a whole? We are creatures of habit and too many of us make the mistake of allowing our habits to define our identity, you are not turning into a non-smoker, a fitness freak or a health nut just because you choose to do any of those things, you are the same person, through and through. True you might get changes in mood or sleeping patterns but that’s not your personality, that’s not who you are. Very few people want to be a smoker, they just like the social aspect and the ability to bond and find common ground with someone either on a night out or on a first day of work at a new job. That’s all eating junk food and being lazy are too, the chance to watch tv and have something to talk about or the time to watch each and every football match over the weekend just to have a day’s worth of conversation topics on monday. It all boils down to finding common ground with other people and in doing so, creating and maintaining lasting friendships. In short, stop being so fucking superficial and meet people by talking about things that actually matter and hobbies that you actually enjoy doing. Watching TV is not a hobby, eating junk food is not a hobby and smoking is not a fucking hobby. Do or don’t do whatever you want, just make sure you’re making that choice for the right reasons.


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