The Netflix Generation

We are the first generation to have this sense of unlimited access to television, music and film. We can download any song, program or film at the click of a button and have it within minutes. Since the advent of streaming services like Netflix it’s only gotten faster and easier, for those who aren’t as technologically literate.

This is something that is to the absolute detriment of us all, instead of resulting in an unending plethora of quality entertainment, the opposite is almost true. We spend hours and hours watching and listening to things that we don’t even like or are really poorly made. We listen to bands we don’t like just because we can, we watch bad films just because we can and we will sit there and spend an entire day watching a whole season of a program that we don’t even find interesting just because we can.

With fast food on the rise, we truly are becoming a sedentary species.

The British Dream

The reason why our country is so awful at the moment is simple to me now. If you look around you see a void in so, so many people. There’s people across the country with virtually no ambition and it’s the reason why anybody is unsuccessful. If you look at America, you’ll see hundreds upon hundreds of people who do what they need to to make their dreams come true. There’s people who make money from doing what they love and for one simple reason.

From the youngest age, Americans are told that they live in the land of opportunity. They’re given the concept of the American dream from such a young age that it becomes part of the very core of their belief system. The American dream is to do what you love and make more money than you can possibly need in doing so. It’s in every successful American, they love what they do and they use that drive to be the best at what they do.

Here in Britain there is no dream, we’re stuck with a class-system and an ineffective monarchy. We’re told from birth that if you’re not born into it, you aren’t going to get it. We follow the traditional methods of gradual progress, you get a job slightly better than your parents and hopefully, in hundreds of years to come, one of your descendants might be a doctor and earn a decent amount of money.

The main problem with this is that all it takes is one slip-up along the way, one person in the family tree who fails at what they do and all of a sudden the progress is back to the beginning and we have to start all over again. In America, it’s go big or go home. Each generation gets their own chance to make it and if they don’t, they pass the torch on to the next. There’s no gradual development, it’s all or nothing and that’s the way it should be.

Brock Lesnar

People like this astound me, he’s not actually a real person surely? He’s like the walking personification of testosterone. What you imagine steroids would look like if they were gentically engineered to take on human form. It’s almost like someone has taken a comic book villain and decided to make their son resemble him as much as possible. It doesn’t help his image though that he’s got a giant phallic symbol carved into his chest, but you try saying that to his face because I sure as shit won’t.

Evocative In Theory

I’m currently doing some research for an assignment on Posthumanism and stumbled across an incredible article about autobiographies and essentially why some are successful and others aren’t and according to this, it basically all boils down to how evocative the writer is.

It got me thinking, do I write that well? When someone reads the words that I’ve put to paper (or clumsily jabbed onto a keyboard) can they really smell my dreams? Are the words just lazily seeping into your brain like the incessant dripping of a tap that’s just out of sight or are they crashing through the window of your mind like a Phillipino hurricane? Am I one of the people able to turn words into me-tinted glasses and give the smallest part of me to someone else? I hope so, I truly do.

Mankind Giving Back to Mankind

You know the old WWF wrestler Mankind? His real name’s Mick Foley and he used to run around with a fucking sock puppet and a weird gimp mask? Well I found out he has a daughter starting wrestling too and holy hell, she’s not just hot she’s actually insanely gorgeous. Like, that next level of beautiful where the person isn’t even a real person, they’re the personification of the idealistic person that everyone wishes they were. The only way a father and daughter could look less alike is if Gerard Butler has a daughter who ends up looking like Chewbacca with tits.

Is This Real Life Or Is This Just Grand Theft Auto?

Every radio station on any Grand Theft Auto game is more fun to listen to than any radio station in real life. This makes no sense when you consider that it’s logically going to be more repetitive than real life and yet, I can not for the life of me find a single person who can honestly argue against this fact.

I wonder if this is where machines start to take over from humanity.

Edible Spreadables

It struck me today, why on earth is the word “Spreadable” on so many different brands of butter, as if it’s something they should be bragging about? Butter is by it’s very definition a spread, if it’s not spreadable then it isn’t really doing it’s job now is it? It’s like putting the phrase “Has Wheels” on a car advert, totally unnecessary and not something that’s going to make me buy your product any more than your competitors.

Fuck Anchor.