So I started when i was fifteen and if there’s one thing I feel stupid about it’s stopping training when I did, i was just seventeen and broke my hand, after that it all went downhill and i trained sporadically over the next four years until now. I’ve never properly got back in to the swing of things for longer than a few months since then and haven’t progressed at all really, if anything I’ve gotten rusty and worse. This might be premature after only going to one session here in Swansea but I feel good about it, I’m hoping I can continue the good form and hopefully keep training all the way through university and by then it’ll just become second nature, I won’t have to make myself go or get the motivation from anywhere else, I’ll just do it. I feel optimistic.

Gyminny Cricket

I’ve just come back from my first ever gym session with the guys I’m living with at the moment and have come to two conclusions, one of them is that the one guy I live with is an absolute monster, actually inhumanly strong and the second is that I need to keep this up for my own sake, just so I can actually improve myself physically and also so that I can relieve a certain amount of stress that tends to build up. I think it’ll be good for me, in all aspects of my life.