So, Let Me Get This Right

A band has just become ridiculously famous and apparently you have listened to them for years? I would love to hear the explanation you come up with as to why that makes you in any way better than fans of their music who simply hadn’t come into contact with it in the past. Go on, entertain me you stupid indie fuck.

I’ve Hit A Creative Drought…

So I thought I’d write about hitting a creative drought… I never actually sit there and think about what to write really, I just think about something and I’ll realise that it would be a good idea to share that with the world. I’ve been stupidly busy this past fortnight and haven’t had any of these great thoughts or realisations so I feel as though I’ve almost neglected this. It’s not my fault really, I’m just too busy but at the same time I have a huge ego and I can’t help but imagine that someone, somewhere is actually missing this pile of shit.