One Down, Millions More To Go

So, the first follower’s here already. Promising start but I’m going to be cautious and not get too eager. Just for her sake and anyone else reading this in future, I’ll give you a brief rundown of my progression:

Boy is hopeless romantic.
Boy meets girl.
Boy loves all girls, not just one girl.
Boy smokes weed, doesn’t achieve his potential.
Boy plans for the future but avoids it at all costs.
Boy becomes man.
Man discovers coke.
Man gets job, gets money for lots of drugs and girls.
Man gets deeper into shit, ruins life step by step.
Man quits drugs, sobers up.
Man finds girl, no longer wants girls.
Man quits job, no need for it any more.
Man becomes boy around his girl and a hopeless romantic once more.
Man plans for their future together and betters himself, for her.
Man is ongoing…


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