I’ve Lost A Week

The first half of fresher’s week has come to an end in university and it’s safe to say my kidneys have taken a battering. I think they’re nearly ready to give up if i’m honest but there’s no way in hell I’m going to let them. I’ve met some new people who’re actually really interesting or fun and who normally, I would never have spoken to. It’s made me realize that I really am part of everyone I know and they are all part of me. I think that everyone’s personality is just the amalgamation of any person that influences their life, either for a small part or large part. For that reason and that reason alone, I hope to fuck i don’t meet Pete Docherty here.

First Morning Of Uni After The First Night

“You look like voldemort before his hair fell out” The first words I heard today, because apparently my hangovers are ten times worse than everyone elses in my halls. As well as this my leg bled all over my bed, apparently I tried to carry a door upstairs and it landed on me, I need to get a grip and stop being a child, I’m 20. Fuck.

So, Today’s The Day

I’m making a move to Swansea today, for those of you who are geography-illiterate it’s about an hour and ten minutes further away and I’m going to maintain a relationship with my girlfriend who’s staying here. It’s going to be hard but nothing worth having comes easy. I’m going to miss her like crazy throughout the week as we’ll only be able to see each other on weekends but I know that we can make it. She’s afraid I’ll do something wrong while I’m away but I’m not angry about her doubting me, I just can’t wait to prove her wrong.


I remember the good old days when they were all older woman, sexy and some kind of strange forbidden fruit you know you’d never get any chance with. Now they’re just slutty twenty-year-olds with a poor knowledge of the morning after pill.

So, I’ve Got This Friend

I say he’s a friend, that’s a bit of a reach. He’s a person I know, that some of my friends like and who I’m unfortunately forced to spend an unreasonable amount of time with despite my intense dislike of him. I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire, I’d wank over his burning body. I’m tempted to spend my last few days on earth slowly beating him to death with a teaspoon.

We’re All Going To Die

I think that the sooner someone comes to terms with that fact, the better. It’s common belief really that when you accept this, you find a sense of freedom and a better grasp of things. I know now that it’s not worth letting things upset or anger me, I don’t have enough time on this earth for any of that. I’d rather just get on with it and carry on being happy.